Over the last 100 days of quarantine, lockdown, and state of emergency, I’ve been living in and photographing the street art of Málaga in Spain. Today is my final installment of street art photos from the lockdown. 

Tracking down art took me from the alley next to my front door all the way to tunnels at the edge of the city. This last massive batch is from neighborhoods* all over Málaga. Note that it’s not quite done as I’m still tracking down artist for credit. If you see a piece you recognize, let me know in the comments.

*I’m giving it my best guess based on Google maps for neighborhoods.

El Ejido

La Goleta


La Merced

La Victoria

Plaza de Toros Vieja

Huerta la Palma

La Rosaleda


Pedregalejo Playa

Finca San José

El Centro

La Roca