Over the last 100 days of quarantine, lockdown, and state of emergency, I’ve been living in and photographing the southern city of Málaga in Spain. Today, I’m happy to showcase one of my favorite street artists who goes by LALONE. 

With their bright colors and beautiful lines, it’s difficult to miss the murals created by LALONE. Some of the most iconic pieces in the city are attributed to this local artist who has been illustrating and painting since the age of 15. I’ll let him explain how he feels about street art with this this quote (Google translated) from an interview with a local newspaper:

“I understand that sometimes it is difficult to distinguish where art ends and where vandalism begins. It is incomprehensible that aggressive advertising is allowed in any corner and you do not let yourself do a well done mural. How can a mountain be destroyed to build a housing estate and I cannot go to paint in an abandoned place with the sole objective of creating attractive corners?” 

Artist Links:

Bonus Art!
I saw this piece online and just could not find anywhere in Malaga. It only took a few weeks of research to figure out that is in the nearby city of Estepona, which turned out to have its own massive collection of street art. You can read all about my trip and the art I discovered over here.