Over the last 100 days of quarantine, lockdown, and state of emergency, I’ve been living in and photographing the street art of Málaga in Spain. Today, I’m showcasing the colorful Polígono Carretera de Cártama neighborhood.  

During the first third of the lockdown I wasn’t allowed more than a quarter mile from my apartment, but I spent quite a bit of time researching a bucket list of art that I wanted to track down when restrictions were lifted. The Polígono Carretera de Cártama looked like a promising area and was my first long distance trip (3.6 kilometers!) in over two months.

Las cuatro estaciones (The Four Seasons)
At the top of the list was this incredible mural on the edge of town called Four Seasons, a collaborative effort by LALONE and Elalfil which was the inspiration for my excursion to this neighborhood.

Colegio Publico Arturo Reyes 
And then because this is Málaga, across the street from Four Seasons is 350 meters of non-stop artwork from artists across the city. The walls of this local school have been decorated with everything from cartoon fan fiction to fantasy landscapes to historical figures.

Angel Hospital
Just under the freeway from the school is a rather ordinary hospital, but then you step into the parking lot and into this amazing world. I’m always blown away how artists work with the environment, in this case using a tree as hair. I’m even more impressed that instead of an unremarkable parking lot view, recovering patients have this entertaining vista of art.