Welcome to Day #39 of 100 Days of Travel! As COVID-19 cases are spiking across the country, I’ve returned to Skopje to bunker down and plan out my next moves. I’m also able to continue a long term project – photographing every statue in the city. 

I had two questions when I first arrived in Skopje. How many statues are there? And can I photograph all of them? The answers are (1), more than you could ever imagine, and (2) not in this lifetime.

Four years ago I called the statues of Skopje “tacky”, but I’ve since come around. Sure, they were a colossal waste of taxpayer money spent by a corrupt government in a nationalistic frenzy of misguided resources, but on the other hand, the funds have already been spent, so we might as well embrace the weirdness.

Below are the first 50 of 100 Statues of Skopje in no particular order and with no context. See the second half of my photo statue binge over here.