Five festivals down and the first leg completed of the 100 Nights of Summer Tour. It’s time for me to take a breath, take stock of the adventure, and head down memory lane with all the photo galleries and recaps of the first 33 days.

Weekend #1: Primavera Sound in Barcelona, Spain

100 Nights of Summer: The Primavera Sound 2017 Recap
Photo Gallery: Faces, Fashion, and Fun @ Primavera Sound 2017
Photo Gallery: Indie Rock Heaven @ Primavera Sound 2017

Weekend #2: This is Not a Love Song Festival in Nimes, France

100 Nights of Summer: The TINALS 2017 Recap
Photo Gallery: Indie Rock Paradise @ TINALS 2017

Weekend #3: Maifeld Derby in Mannheim, Germany

100 Nights of Summer: The Maifeld Derby 2017 Recap
Photo Gallery: Betting Big on Music @ Maifeld Derby 2017

Weekend #4: Tinderbox in Odense, Denmark

100 Nights of Summer: The Tinderbox Festival 2017 Recap
Photo Gallery: Lighting it Up @ Tinderbox 2017
Photo Gallery: Faces, Fun, and Fashion @ Tinderbox 2017

Weekend #5: Rock Werchter in Werchter, Belgium

100 Nights of Summer: The Rock Werchter 2017 Recap
Photo Gallery: Festies of Rock Werchter 2017


I’ve had more help than ever this year on 100 Nights of Summer with travel, which leaves me free to create content instead of poring over travel plans. I’m currently writing this article on an insanely comfortable train as it speeds through Austria all thanks to my flexible Eurail pass. During this first leg, FlixBus was kind enough to let us take over their Instagram account. Check out their extensive network of buses right here.

State of the Tour

Three years ago, I started 100 Nights of Summer with a simple enough plan: 15 festivals. 15 countries. 15 weekends. I’ve knocked off far more festivals from my bucket list than I thought possible, but this past weekend at mega-festival Rock Werchter has inspired me to go deeper, to find those festivals that haven’t become too big yet, the spirited ones, the weird ones, the DIY ones, the ones that surprise me, and the ones that hopefully will surprise you.

The second leg of the tour sees me returning to two of those festivals that capture that experience: Pohoda in Slovakia and Electric Castle in Romania. I’m also excited to check out a new one for me in Czech called the the Colours of Ostrava.

Most festies I meet say that I must be exhausted, but I’m feeling just the opposite and can’t wait to dive into the second leg. Stay tuned for a lot more photos and stories. Happy festivaling!

July 3, 2017/Somewhere in Austria