My adventure across Montenegro continues as I find myself in the southernmost part of the country and the seaside town of Ulcinj, my last stop before crossing in Albania.

A couple of kittens along with an endless supply of tangerines greeted me at Hostel Pirate, my home for the next two days. Don’t let their adorable looks fool you — these kittens will most certainly curl up in you lap and start purring.

Ulcinj is a city of summer, although I enjoyed having the place to myself while hiking around town. There’s a beach right in the center of the city.

Oh, were you wondering if there was an ancient seaside fortress that you can wander through to catch the sunset?

I hiked for about an hour south of town past endless beach clubs closed for the season. See those rocks in the first picture below? I sat on them for most of the afternoon and it was delightful.