Theme of LeeFest 2016: The Neverland

The Three Tribes of LeeFest

The LeeFest Orgin Story

During a long hot summer of 2006, Lee Denny’s parents left him alone in the house whilst they went on a well deserved holiday. They left Lee and his friends with one simple rule; do not have a house party. Aged 16, Lee thought an ingenious solution would be to have a festival in the garden. He assembled a gang of friends and together they built a lineup, stage, PA and a bar.From LeeFest History

Taking it Old School

DJ Luck & MC Neat packed the Mermaid Lagoon on opening night along with a neverending stream of bubbles. 

The Great Water Balloon Fight of 2016

While most of the weekend saw the tribes intermingling peacefully, an occasional battle would break out, like the Friday water balloon fight between the Lost Boys and a roving gang of pirates.

Meet a Festival Fan: The King of the Sea From Middle-Earth

“Are you the King of Mermaids?” 
“No. I’m Ulmo, the King of the Sea.”
“It’s from the Lord of the Rings.”

So Many Activities

Burlesque acts. Secret shows. Dodgeball tournaments. Hot tubbing. Drag queen performances. The list of stuff to keep a festie busy at LeeFest seemed endless.

Festival Fashion: Transforming Shirts

Submotion Orchestra @ The Neverwood Stage

Favorite Festival Set: The Big Moon

The Big Moon live looks like a band that just loves playing music together. This shreddy foursome made my Saturday night with a blend of straight up indie rock mixed up with a dose of pop and plenty of sweet hooks.

Dogs of LeeFest

I haven’t been to a dog-friendly festival in forever and could not get enough of these four-legged festies.

Favorite Moment: Final Song of the Secret Show

Deep in the packed confines of Hook’s Bar, the hardcore band Frank Carter and the Rattlesnakes, capped off an amazing Saturday of music. My favorite moment came at the end when the band invited all of us up onto the stage to sing along with them. After a weekend of love and peace, screaming “I fucking hate you and I hope that you die,” felt most cathartic.

Nine Festivals. Nine Weekends. Nine Countries