For the last three summers, the Klymit Static V has been a festival travel and camping staple on the 100 Nights of Summeer tour. It’s the smallest and most lightweight sleeping pad I have ever used, but this year I wondered —  Can it be lighter? Can it be smaller?

That answer is yes.

The Company Line
“Slightly slimmer than the original Static V; the most capable pad for the lightest adventures. When we set out to make an ultralite pad, we knew that sacrificing comfort is never an option. That’s why the V Ultralite SL retains ample width even as it tapers, and like all Static V pads it features lofted air pockets, and is supported by dynamic side rails that keep you comfortably on your pad all night long. It’s the lightest Static V we’ve ever made.”

Size Does Matter
This summer, I’ve been test-driving the Klymit V Ultralight SL ($99 USD) which weighs a staggeringly light 11.9 oz (337 g). This sleeping pad is so compact that I drop into my laptop bag when I’m touring around cities, as it’s perfect for naps in the park or chilling at the beach. For size reference, this pad smushes down enough to fit inside my shoe.

So How Does It Sleep?
The width has been slightly reduced to save space and weight. I’m about 200 pounds, sleep on my side, and have yet to feel the ground. I’ve also paired this pad with a Big Agnes Cross Mountain Sleeping Bag, which features a sleeping pad sleeve so no slipping around.

Other Perks
Forget the foot pump. It only takes about seven breaths to completely fill up the pad, and the valve opens wide up when you want to pack it up. I haven’t had to use it, but the pad comes with an emergency patch kit (also, a small bag).

Final Notes
If you’re looking to upgrade from that bulky festival sleeping pad, you should take a look at the Klymit line of pads. The compact size makes them a versatile travel companion, useful even in situations that don’t involve camping like crashing at a friend’s apartment, taking a nap on the deck of a ferry, or lounging in the park.