Welcome to Day #21 of 100 Days of Travel! It’s been three weeks on the road and today, I’m stepping out of the normal tourist bubble and exploring the weirder side of Macedonia’s second-largest city.

The Zoo
I typically don’t go to zoos, but accidentally walked in through an open gate. It was a surreal experience to say the least and not entirely the safest place I have ever visited. I could have reached in to pet this bear.

Ditto for the wolves. This is terrifying being this close to wild animals.

When it comes to lions, the more protection the better.

And finally, I got to see two monkeys have sex, which is not where I thought my day was heading when I woke up this morning.

Fighter Jets
I came across this city park populated with abandoned fighter jets that have been converted into playground equipment? Nice views of the city, but watch out for hepatitis!

Party at the Moontower
Behind City Park are a few hiking/mountain bike trails that lead up to the top of a small mountain with views of the city and some creepy abandoned buildings.

Street Art
Most of the art is centered around a long mural near City Park.

And finally, here’s half of a very sad and naked torso.