Day 3
Location: Little Cottonwood Canyon, UT
Resorts: 2 of 50

After the kick-off celebration at the Utah House, The Snow Junkies weren’t exactly pressing glass the next morning. One of our sponsors, Liquor Snob, had provided us with enough booze to fill a hot tub. Then we built a shot ski. Then we almost got thrown out of the Utah House by the owner. Then we decided to throw a silent disco until 3 am.

Sunday morning arrived much to0 quickly, but it’s easy to get out of the house with the thermometer hovering around forty degrees and Snowbird is next on the list. Your best bet for getting to Snowbird is the Snow Bus. You can park at the entrance to Little Cottonwood Canyon and let someone else handle the driving. Best part: No wasting time searching for a place to park — the lots get jammed full on the weekends.

As always we’re looking for ways to save a buck on lift tickets. You wouldn’t think that crippling pollution would equal “lift ticket deal,” but at Snowbird it gets you a $20 discount. During the winter, all the smog of Salt Lake City gets trapped in the valley turning SLC into the Los Angeles of the Rockies. When it gets really bad, Snowbird offers an escape with their “Red Air Days” special. Check in the morning to see if the Utah Department of Environmental Quality issues a “red” alert for Salt Lake County.

After scooping up our $52 tram/lifts all day ticket, we boarded the legendary Snowbird tram and headed straight for the top. Snowbird’s terrain is like porn to us Snow Junkies. It’s a true expert’s mountain full of massive bowls, rock drops, and plenty of backcountry access. We started the day on the sunny side of Mineral Basin tracking down lines under the lift. The looker’s right of Mt. Baldy provided some nice corn softened snow. Later in the afternoon, we traversed out and found some untouched snow near Last Choice.

As far as we’re concerned, there’s only one place to enjoy apres-ski at Snowbird. The Tram Club located in the, you guessed it, the tram building. $5.00 for a shot of Jager and a pint of Wasatch IPA might be the perfect way to end the day.







Snowbird Trail Map