Wow. Just wow. Out of all the gear I tested over the last year, the Static V Sleeping Pad from Klymit is the VIP all star of the bunch. Lightweight, comfortable, and small, the Static V blew away my expectations. It’s been years since I’ve upgraded my sleeping pad (thanks for all the good times twelve-year old Eastern Mountain Sports pad) so when selecting gear for 100 Nights of Summer, I knew I wanted something that was not only light but very durable.

The Company Line
“The Klymit Static V is a lightweight camping pad using body mapping technology at an entry level price. It features the v-chamber design which limits air movement and heat loss while offering a uniquely ergonomic body map which is optimized for performance and comfort. While inflating in approximately 10-15 breaths it will save you time and energy wherever you are.” —

Size Does Matter
Weighing in at 18.1 oz/514 g, this pad barely added any weight in my pack and it rolls up smaller than a Nalgene water bottle. This means that that it only took me around 10 solid breaths to blow it up (about 30 seconds). I ended up carrying this pad everywhere — on hikes, picnics, and excursions to the park.
Vito Valentinetti Romania 2015-300How Does it Sleep? 
I slept like a baby (albeit a slightly drunk man-baby) about 40 times over the summer with this pad. My six foot frame fits comfortably onto the pad, but for me and others out there, the best part is that I was able to sleep on my side without the whole “hip bone pushing into ground” dilemma that happens with other ultra-lightweight pads.

Hanging Tough
Here’s the deal with sleeping at a music festival. You go to bed at five in the morning. The sun turns your tent into a sauna by seven. You end up dragging your sleeping pad outside and sleeping like a wild animal. I used on this pad on the beach, thorny campgrounds, concrete airport floors, excursions to the park, the deck of a ship, rocky beaches, and even inside an actual tent. Considering the abuse I put the Static V through, it came through the summer without a single wound.

Vito Valentinetti 100 Nights of Summer 2015-2

Urban camping at the Budapest airport. 

Hanging Tough Part II
Speaking of the pad handling weight, I also stress-tested it a number of times with additional people. Get your mind out of the gutter. This was a completely innocent test attending an international experiment in staring at strangers. Again, it proved to be a comfortable seat for two people.   Vito Valentinetti 2015-200Note: The accompanying stuff sack wasn’t so lucky. The bottom blew out about two months in. It still refuses to completely tear out so fingers crossed.

The Score
Whoa, whoa, slow down. We haven’t even touched on the price which is an unbelievable $60. Considering what you get this is an outstanding deal. I’m calling this one five out five stars.