Now that I’m moving again (albeit very cautiously), I began dreaming of my next adventure. If you haven’t noticed by now, I’m a big fan of 100-day trips.

At first, I imagined 100 Days of Macedonia, but remember from my last journey through these parts that December can be miserable. I thought to split the difference between Macedonia and the Albania Riviera with 100 Days of Aldonia, a name that’s sure to piss off both countries. I considered visiting as many national parks as I could in the area, but don’t have enough time before the snows come.

I kicked around ideas in my self-imposed quarantine on arrival in Skopje, only to realize after a few days that the adventure this time is just to start traveling again. As much as we try to pretend that the world is returning to normal, it’s not coming back anytime soon. It’s time to adapt.

Even in an outdoor cafe, I still jump when someone coughs. Instead of browsing various shops, I only go inside when I know what I want. I feel uncomfortable when I see large groups of people wearing masks incorrectly and I haven’t been inside a bar in half a year. It’s only been a week and my travel habits (also, my entire life) has already changed both in massive and subtle ways.

So what does travel during the time of COVID-19 look like? That’s what I’m going to find out over the next 100 days. I’ll be covering COVID-safe activities (hiking, camping, architecture) and writing about what life looks like on the road in the pandemic era. My main goal is to not contract a highly contagious and potentially life-threatening virus while saving the travel industry through my innovative system of following basic safety protocols.

Let’s get started.

-Skopje, Macedonia (Day #1)