I went to Ukraine this summer for my first time to report in from the Zaxidfest Music Festival, and I liked the country so much that I went back for six weeks. During that time, I traveled a bunch around the Carpathian Mountains, Lviv, small villages, and to the capital. I took trains for nearly every trip.

For one of my six hour trips, I splurged on a sleeper car. Using the online booking system, I was able to select my seat and saw that there was an empty two-person cabin. Checking into my room felt like stepping back in time.

Each car on this train had its own dedicated conductor who checks your ticket before boarding, provides sheets for your bed, and lets you know when your stop is approaching. They also provide small snacks and hot drinks throughout the trip.

Nearly every Ukrainan train I took had the capacity to turn into sleeper cars with seats that flip up and tables that can be rearranged. This was the only one that I took that looked like it was dedicated to sleeping.

The door shuts and locks, and while the bed isn’t super comfortable, I can tell you that compared to sitting upright in a train seat, it’s like sleeping in luxury. I can’t speak how awkward it would be to have a stranger in the room across from you. I got lucky and had the whole room to myself.

The seat flips up with storage space underneath for your bags. It’s comforting to know that all your valuables are protected by the weight of your body, as you’re sleeping on top of them. As someone who frequently dreams that they’re being robbed while traveling, this was actually quite relaxing.

Final Impressions

It’s one of the few times that I’ve taken a train and arrived refreshed at my destination. It’s a wholly unique experience and one worth checking out as a traveler. And some of these train stations are just incredible.