My previous excursions to Las Vegas typically feature sunrise parties, pool lounging, and gambling, but on this adventure to Sin City I discovered a huge world of street art in super hip neighborhoods. (I may or may not have also spent all night at a blackjack table which led to a 7 am rooftop party and all next day spent recovering at the pool).

But, hey! Las Vegas has street art!

The Arts District

If you are looking for locally produced craft beers, fresh thrift store threads, and a vegan taqueria, then make a beeline for the aptly name Arts District.


The revitalization of downtown Las Vegas continues as it transforms its seedy reputation to one of the coolest places in town. There are a ton of amazing murals down here, most of them courtesy of the Life is Beautiful Festival, a downtown fest held in September.

Artist Spotlight: ROA

I wasn’t sure Vegas had all that much art, but when I saw this block-long piece by ROA, I knew I had to come. For over a decade this street artist from Belgium has been painting black and white animals all over the world. I had already photographed pieces of rats climbing a parking garage in Malaga, the insides of a bird in Katowice, and another rat family in Kyiv, so it’s like running into an old friend on the other side of the globe.

Artist Spotlight: Pretty Done

Local muralist Pretty done describes his work as “abstract freestyle pop art“. These are only a few photos of the many, many pieces he did for the Life is Beautiful Festival this year.

I hope you enjoyed this abbreviated trip through the artwork of Las Vegas!