With the easing of restrictions after Spain’s 100-day State of Alarm, artists returned to the streets creating murals across the city. It was comforting to see a semblance of normality returning to a country that suffered through one of the most extreme lockdowns in the world.

LALONE put up this beautiful piece which captures “the new normal”.

On the other side is this amazing 3-D tiger complete with “sunlight” being reflected off the glass.

It was Dadi Dreucol who started me on this Spanish street art obsession, so it was no surprise that the first new piece I recognized would be from him. Like a few of his other pieces around town, this meta-style one is art of him creating this art. And like his other ones, it takes me a bit of time to slowly translate.

Here’s another one by LALONE.

And here’s an even more detailed story from Druecol. I’m still working on the translation.

Out on the edge of the city, this mural by Bohemio popped up at the beginning of September. I’ll let the more knowledgeable folks over at Street Art Malaga explain what’s happening here.