Montesilvano, a small seaside suburb outside Pescara in Abruzzi, is home to a beautiful new street art fest called the Pulpa Festival. A small snippet of their mission statement from the official website (translated from Italian):

The change is the only constant, the scenarios are changeable and the innovations are involuntary. Right now we can create a new identity for reality…Harmonize yourself with what is around you. Be fluid!

Pulpa Festival: Volume 2

The most recent edition of the Pulpa Festival took place September 17-18, 2022, and featured 22 artists creating incredible art over 200 meters of wall underneath the train tracks.

Tony Gallo


Burla Manu

Urban Kofa


Guisy Warrior

Edoardo Ettore



Luca Ledda

Davide DPA

Roman Samuel



Ale Senso


Free & Boat


Pulpa Festival: Volume 1

Even more exciting than finding an entire wall of street art, was discovering the first edition of Pulpa from 2021. Sitting above the city, this massive 320 meter stretch of wall has some amazing pieces from 18 artists.

Get Out by Alessandra Carloni

Il Ragazzo Del Vento by Giopeluso

Pulpa Girl by Andrew Tosh

Water Me by Spatt

Kiss From a Rose by Solo

Nature Master of Art by Diamond

Nothing Happens From Nothing by 104Crew

A Sacred Crocodile

Dharma: The First Breath of Your Second Life by Carlo Alberto Giardina

Bees…Or Not To Bees by Urban Kofa

Every Man Is An Island by Urka

Il Giallo Del Blu Scomparso by Zot19

Down the Rabbit Hole by Luca Font

Mea Pulpa by Mister Thoms

Bip Trip Chic by MrFijodor

M.T.M by Nicola Alessandrini

Endless Summer by Raul 33

Human Power by Samuele Romano

How Beautiful Our Planet Is by Isiderio 


Elsewhere Around Town..

This is a fun series of sports themed pieces found on the local stadium in Montesilvano.

Here’s one final one that I found on the way back to the train station by Urban Kofa.

I hope you enjoyed this tour of this unique city. I’m looking forward to returning for the third edition to enjoy watching what the artists create in real time.