More than 25 years have passed since Lithuania booted out Russian forces, but that same independent and rebellious spirit can still be found all over the capital city of Vilnius. From the famed erotic Trump-Putin mural to the bust of Frank Zappa to what I imagine is the world’s largest James Gandolfini statue, there are treasures everywhere.

Pulling into the Vilnius train station, you’re greeted by a 15 foot tall Tony Soprano sculpted by Lithuanian artist Donatas Jankauskas in 2009.

Outside the touristy city center and tucked away in a busy industrial block is this hidden open art gallery. Difficult to find, but worth the effort.

Outside the barbecue restaurant Keule Ruke is the most famous graffiti in town. The original version had Trump and Putin kissing, but angry protesters destroyed it, leading to this far more erotic weed smoking embrace.

A couple other random pieces.

Frank Zappa’s anti-establishment themes resonated so strongly with newly independent Lithuanians that they erected a bust in his honor with a mural behind it.