I’m currently exploring Macedonia as safely as possible in the fall of 2020. On Day #11 of 100 Days of Travel, I’m heading up into the hills. Perched on the side of the mountain, I arrived  in the highest town in the Balkans for a short two-day visit. It may be small, but there is plenty to see is this historic Macedonian town.

The Town Of Kruševo
Kruševo itself is endlessly photogenic. Split by a small river, the houses climb up the steep hillsides in a pleasing pattern of red tiled roofs. You’ll find bars, restaurants, and shops in the center of town along with a strenuous hike every time you step out the front door.

With easy access to numerous hiking trails, Kruševo boasts easy day-rambles around the surrounding hills. Read more about recommendations and my hike report in this story.

Downhill Skiing/Snowbarding
There’s a ski area here with a double chair right out of the village and two long tow ropes centered around a mellow bowl. I’m even more intrigued by the potential for what looks like some of the best tree skiing in the Balkans. As I’m currently interviewing ski towns for this winter, Kruševo is making a strong argument.

From what I can gather, there is also a small Nordic ski area in this area just past the snow-making lake.

The Makedonium 
If you’re going to see one thing in Kruševo, it’s The Makedonium. This monument commemorates the resistance fighters of Macedonia, has 10 stained glass windows, and looks like a giant coronavirus molecule.

The grazing horses are not part of the monument.

There are also a few smaller monuments on your way to The Makedonium.

Krusevo Lake
Just outside of town is this small, but pleasant lake with relaxing views of the mountains. There’s also a bike path around the entire lake.

I keep reading that Krusevo is the paragliding capital of the country. As I’m terrified of paragliding and also know nothing about it, I’ll just post this photo of me giving the world’s worst TED Talk.