Welcome to 100 Days and Nights!
It’s the first ever music-festival/snowboard/hitching/hiking/street-art/solo-traveler/digital-nomad/buzzword lifestyle blog/magazine/randomness. It’s also a collection of stories, photos, gear reviews, and travel tips from your host, Vito Valentinetti, who believes that referring to yourself in the third person is pretentious, but was advised to do it anyway.

Why the name 100 Days and Nights?
10 years ago, I created a small snowboarding tour across the Rocky Mountains that lasted exactly 100 days. I enjoyed the experience so much that I repeated it with music festivals for five summers in a row across Europe (and one massive failure of a winter snowboarding tour across Eastern Europe).  The concept of committing to a single travel theme has become somewhat of an inspiration to my adventures, and is in no way related to me pitching gear and travel partners for review product.

Who is behind 100 Days and Nights?
Hi! I’m Vito Valentinetti, a traveling music festival photojournalist from Vermont who spends the winter living in ski towns around the world. My full time job for the last six years has been running Music Festival Wizard, a fest-centric website that sees 7,000,000+ visitors per year. I’ve lived mostly on the road for the past 17 years, have covered 101 music festivals in 34 countries, and ridden on 95 different mountains, but the only thing that seems to impress anyone is that I worked on two Beyonce tours.

Do you work with other media?

Occasionally, I step out from behind the camera as an expert for music festivals and travel in print, online, and radio. Here’s a few mentions.

If you’re looking to contact me for an article or a review, I can be reached at [email protected]. Talk to you soon!