It’s Day #43 of 100 Days of Travel and I’m back in Skopje to plan out the rest of my trip. You can see Vodno Peak from just about anywhere in the city and it’s perfect for a quick morning hike before work (and before there are too many other people on the trail). 

Hike Overview

Vodno Mountain is a popular spot in Skopje for outdoor recreating and there are a number of trails winding their way up the mountain. During the pandemic era, you’ll want to hit it up during the morning or during the week to cut down on crowds. There is a gondola that takes you the top, but it’s been closed during the crisis. Check here to see if it’s currently operating and the hours.

Hike Info

Difficulty: Medium
Type of Hike: Standard hiking trail
Distance: 3 kilometers one-way
Time: Around 90 minutes
Starting Point:

On The Hike

This is a mostly shaded hike on a mostly decent trail up through the forests of Vodno. At the top is the massive Millennium Cross and the option to extend your hike another 11 kilometers out to Matka Canyon (see that trip report here). As with a lot of hikes in Macedonia, the trails get a bit sloppy in wet weather so watch your step.

Details, Details, Details

How to Get Here: Most routes start from Middle Vodno (the base of the gondola) and you get here by walking or taking the city bus (#25, #25A, #25B). I would consider a cab, but every time I try to arrange a ride, the cabbie tries to rip me off when he hears English.

Supplies: There are a few stores up here to pick up snacks and I was lucky enough to get a smoothie. There are no water stops on the trail (although you can purchase some at the top of you run out). Middle Vodno has a water fountain.

Final Notes

If you’re a city dweller that needs a quick outdoor fix, you can’t go wrong with this city mountain. It’s not my favorite hiking trail, or the prettiest, but as far as convenience, Vodno Peak scratches that itch for when you need to get outdoors.