It’s Day #44 of 100 Days of Travel and I’m heading out of Skopje for the last time this year. I’ve spent about three weeks in the city over the past two months and want to share some of the COVID-safe activities that have kept me entertained.

1. Brutalist Architecture

Skopje has a collection of some of the most interesting examples of this bizarre style. They are scattered all over the city, although you will find the bulk in the city center and at St. Cyril & Methodius University.

Read more about the brutalist architecture of Skopje here. 

2. Street Art Tour

There is a small, but burgeoning scene here in Skopje with some interesting pieces throughout the city. The largest collection can be found at the Gradski Trgvoski Centar.

Read more about the street art of Skopje here.

3. Hiking

Skopje is blessed to be right on the edge of mountains and canyons with plenty of hiking opportunities nearby. Here are four recommended hikes from my time in Skopje:

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4. The Statues of Skopje

The quirky statues of Skopje were the inspiration for a small photo project called “100 Statues of Skope”. I wondered if there would even be close to 100, but it turns out there are far more.

See pictures of statues #1-50 here. 
See pictures of statues #51-112 here.

5. Safely Enjoy The Café Culture

While doing anything inside isn’t recommended, Skopje boasts plenty of outdoor dining options. Even in the colder weather (heat lamps!), you can still find spots along the river to partake in drinks and fresh air. And the coffee here is outstanding.

Sights I Skipped

I’ve already spent time in the Old Bazaar and in pre-COVID days would recommend heading over there, but during pandemic times I found it a bit crowded for my tastes. The Skopje Fortress is also worth a visit, but seemingly under eternal construction. There’s also the zoo, but trust me, it’s quite depressing.

I really wanted to check out this socially distanced film festival, but had to hit the road. It’s nice to see the city creatively finding alternatives during these challenging times. I hope to be back soon!