It’s Day #49 of 100 Days of Travel! I’m back in Ohrid checking out hikes I missed on previous visits. The one I’m showing you today is so much fun that I did it two weeks in a row. It’s an easy climb with some classic views of both Lake Ohrid and Lake Prespa. 

Hike Overview

It may be a shorter and easier hike than Mount Magaro, but this excursion to the top of Lako Signoj in the Galicia National Park doesn’t skimp on the views. Literally just across the street from its larger counterpart (see the Magaro hike report here), Lako Signoj is a quick hike with a big payoff.

Hike Info

Difficulty: Medium
Type of Hike: Hiking trail, dirt roads
Distance: 5.6 kilometers
Time: Around 2 hours
Starting Point:

The Trailhead

Drive up the P504 between Ohrid and Prespa lakes. There is a small tree and parking area next to a dirt road on the north side of the road. There are one small trail sign here next to the parking lot.

On the Hike

The entire hike is exposed and quite high up so be prepared for wind and sun. Make sure to check out the mysterious caves on the way up.

At the top is a collection of abandoned buildings and structures. It looks like maybe there was weather station here at one time.

Facing north, the ridge follows the lake all the way back to the city of Ohrid. To see what the northern ridgeline looks like, check out this hike report from earlier in the week.

Here’s a shot of Lake Ohrid on the left and Prespa on the right (if you squint). If I’ve learned anything from hiking around this autumn, it’s that I need a wider lens.

As you are coming down, it’s time to prepare for your next hike up Mount Magaro.

Details, Details, Details

How to Get Here: You need a car. I’ve tried public transportation (there’s a bus to the Albania border) and it didn’t get me close at all, although you may be able to hitch a ride up the mountain with other tourists. Other than the views, there is not much traffic along this road.

Supplies and Water: Stock up on snacks and water before you leave Ohrid. I didn’t see any springs on the hike.

Final Notes

This is a quick and easy burner hike that be combined with a trip to St. Naum’s Monastery and the Bay of Bones for a full day of fun on Lake Ohrid.