Welcome to Day #49 of  100 Days of Travel where I’m traveling safely around Macedonia. One of the surprises of traveling around this small country has been the war memorials. Below, I’m highlighting my favorites of these creative art sculptures. 

I’ve already spoken a bit about the brutalist architecture movement that took place over Skopje in the seventies, but less is written about the monuments built during this time period. These unique memorials found around the counthyr share a number of characteristics inspired by their city brethren, works of art out of concrete and metal.

The Makedonium (Kruševo, 1974)

Designed by Iskra Grabuloska

Memorial Ossuary/Tomb (Veles, 1979)

Designed by Ljubomir Denković & Savo Subotin

The Memorial Ossuary (Kavadarci, 1976)

Designed by Petar Mulichkovski 

Mound of the Unbeaten (Prilep, 1961)

Designed by Bogdan Bogdanović