Over the last 100 days of quarantine, lockdown, and state of emergency, I’ve been living in and photographing the street art of Málaga in Spain. In today’s installment, I head deeper into the city and to this very unique installation. 

I only had a single lead to what I thought would be a couple of wall-sized pieces, but when I arrived, I found this street art mecca. A nondescript stretch of warehouses in an industrial zone has been transformed into The BoulevArt of Málaga. Based on the fading of the paint (it faces the sun for a good part of the day), I estimate the project happened three or four years ago, but the artwork here is still compelling and well worth a trip (about 25 minutes from the city center via bus).

From end to end, the BoulevArt is about 700 meters with almost continuous art. Enjoy the shots below. I’ll updating with artist info as I find it.