It’s Day #35 of 100 Days of Travel and I’m safely exploring Macedonia this autumn. For the past few days, I’ve been checking out the southeastern part of the country. Here’s a short recap of random photos I’ve been snapping. 

Dojran Lake
I’ve been trying to get to this lake for two years to cover D-Fest, one of Macedonia’s major music festivals. While not too much is happening now in the fall, it’s still a pretty spot to visit.

Some cheap lodging options…

Dhermi Canyon
Blink and you’ll miss the pull-out for this small canyon. It’s an amazing spot full of rock climbing routes. Great place for a picnic lunch.

WWII Monument
This very strange memorial sits on top of a hill in a park in Kavadarci. You can climb to the top for some nice views of the city.

I hope you enjoyed random sights Saturday!