Straddling the line between experimental art and functionality, I stumbled across this Airbnb listing while furiously searching for a recovery room in Berlin after Bergenfest. A super hip design couple have taken the sharing economy to the next level transforming this fourth floor loft into a haven for travelers like myself.

COJE is part co-working space, part hostel with the space mostly filled by ten cabins — two of them require some climbing. They’re simple affairs with only a bed. Around the rest of the loft are cozy common areas including a hammock, lounge cushions, and a large common room table.

This listing isn’t for everyone. It’s not a party hostel. There are neighbors so you’ve got to respect the space and keep it chill which is easy to do and the nearby hood is filled with plenty of hipster bars if you need to get rowdy. And remember the walls are paper thin between cabins or as it described: “Wrong place for your honeymoon.”

The Review: 5 out 5 for creativity and relaxation. The combo of having a quiet workspace combined with a quiet place to sleep allowed me to finally catch up on some work. Will definitely try to return if I’m back in Berlin.

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