If you think of Spain as the land of eternal sunshine, think again. It’s actually quite dreary in the winter with a number of grey days and so much rain that the river almost crested. I struggled a bit this week taking photographs of the street art here and in Lleida. Here are few photos of the river path completely submerged.

But onto the street art. I’m mainly passing through on my way to Barcelona, but had to stop here to see a specific piece by ROA. It’s definitely seen some wear over the past few years, but I think that makes ROA’s style makes even more interesting on this crumbling wall.

The adjoining courtyard has some other artwork as well.

This was one of my favorites. It’s done by Dulk for the Asalto Street Art Festival.

This festival is behind most of the full-sized murals that I saw across the city.

This mural really spoke to me.

I’m a huge fan when artists incorporate the surroundings into their murals. This one took me a moment.

More artwork…