Over the last 100 days of quarantine, lockdown, and state of emergency, I’ve been living in and photographing the street art of Málaga in Spain.  Today, I’m highlighting some of my favorite pieces from Jonathan Morillas aka Doger. 

I first came across the bright colors and bold strokes of Doger during my stay in the Lagunillas neighborhood, but soon began to see his work all across the city. He describes his style as “contemporary, colourful and personal.” He first started painting Lagunillas in 2015 and came every day for three years, sometimes painting over his own work.

Or as he puts it: “I started with only a few murals in the beginning and then I ended up painting half of the neighbourhood, almost without noticing.” Well, it’s hard not to notice now and if you’re in Málaga, make sure to check out his work.

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