When Malaga went into lockdown in 2020, I had only recently arrived, so the city I came to know was an empty one. A heavy police presence and hefty fines kept most people confined to their homes for nearly two months. During that time, I wandered the deserted streets recording this unique moment in time.

When high summer arrived, it brought not only relaxed restrictions, but an influx of merrymakers from across Europe transforming the quiet streets and alleys back into a bustling hub of tourism. Below are some photos from my neighborhood. The left side are photos taken during the lockdown and the right side is from later on in the summer.

Plaza de Uncibay

Plaza Carbón

Calle Marqués de Larios

Plaza de la Constitución

Teatro Cervantes

Plaza del Marqués del Vado del Maestre

Plaza de la Merced

Mojito Bar

Catedral de la Málaga

Calle Luis de Velázquez

Pirámide de Cristal