We’ve been living out of an RV for almost six weeks now. When people find out our living situation, they have plenty of questions. Do you get cold at night? Where do you park? Why are you living in an RV?

Over the next few weeks, we’ll be answering the most popular questions we get in a segment we call: Living in an RV.

The Question: Where Do You Shower?

1. In the RV Shower

The Mystery Machine is equipped with a shower. It’s small, cramped, and uses all of our water. Because we’re “dry camping” (not using campground hookups like sewer and electricity), there’s a water holding tank that we can fill up with a garden hose. To use the shower, you flip on the water heater, wait twenty minutes and you’re set to take one of the worst showers of your life. Katie and Snooze refuse to use it. It’s really just more of a gear closet now.

2. Poach a Shower

There’s nothing more satisfying than stealing a shower. Find an unlocked workout room in any nice hotel and you’re good to go. Bonus: There’s usually towels and a hot tub. We particularly enjoy the basement of the Cal-Neva Casino and the sauna shower at the Timberline Lodge, OR.

3. The Friend Shower

This is perhaps the best type of shower we’ve come across. Whenever we stay with friends, they let us use their shower. It’s wonderful. Thanks Jason G. and Chyna!

4. The Hotel Shower

Every couple weeks, we cash in Marriott points and get a free room. We usually spend the evening marveling at wonders like the television, a constant stream of running water, heat, and twenty minute long showers.

5. Buy a Shower

We’ve only done this once at the Silverthorne Rec Center. For $10, we got to use the workout facilities, lap pool, sauna, hot tub, steam shower, waterslides, and two showers. The only downside: we paid to use a shower. Boo.

6. Go Without a Shower

The preferred method of Coco and Snooze. Buy a stick of deodorant and some Wet Wipes and you’re ready for about a week.

7. The Shower Trade

Traveling around the country finding all the best deals means that we have a drawer full of valuable ski coupons, vouchers, and employee tickets. Enter Craigslist.com and the barter section of the site. We haven’t pulled this one off yet, but Coco is hoping to turn this pot barter into some showers.